The Interview

I don’t really think of myself as someone who goes after older women. Though my introduction to the joys of adult loving happened via the older (much older!) stepsister of my best friend in high school, my romantic dalliances have usually been with girls around my own age. But…I don’t know….youth has it charms, but… youth is wasted on the young, you know? I want a certain lack of flightiness, a gravity, yes, a maturity in my relationships.

But still, I have not made it a point to date older women or anything, until…well, it was a job interview a couple of weeks ago.

My interviewer was a striking, well-groomed lady in what seemed like early 50s. Her grey hair was very becoming on her. She hadn’t colored the grey – a big turn-on, her confidence in what she was sat on her like a warm cloak. I found (and still do!) her hugely attractive – strong, well put together, with what I think might be a bohemian streak in her.

She seemed very kind and thoughtful, mature but also very playful. I was almost hoping I did not get the job, so I could get perhaps find a way to get to know her in a context other than at the workplace. But I suppressed those thoughts as fast as I could – had to do well in the interview! So I quietly shelved questions like what that kind of confidence would mean in the bedroom, and I did my best at the interview. Only too well. I got the job, and she is now my boss.

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