Hulk Hogan’s Ex-Wife Linda Bollea Becomes an Official Cougar

Ex-wife of Hulk Hogan, Linda Bollea has decided that life as a cougar is definitely the way forward having recently announced her engagement to 21-year-old boyfriend Charlie Hill. The pair are rumoured to marry next summer on Bollea’s private yacht.

Bollea who is 50, has been dating Hill since he was 19, after her 25-year marriage to wrestler Hulk Hogan deteriorated following the family’s appearance on an MTV reality show. We’re wondering what Brooke Hogan’s views are on the marriage as it will mean that Hill will become her stepfather – even though he is one year her junior.

Bollea’s family have openly expressed their disapproving views on the relationship and Hulk has even said that it has caused him to sympathise with O.J. Simpson. Seems a little hypocritical considering that Hulk aged 56 is now engaged to a younger woman of 36? A classic case of double standards perhaps?