Bedrooms and Confidence

During my senior year in High School, as I was getting regular action from my first ever cub, I read an article in Cosmopolitan which was to shape my entire sex life.

It was the 80s, and the sexual advice published in women’s magazines was getting more and more literal with each subsequent issue. In that specific article a woman in her forties was talking about her twenties.

She was quoted saying something like: “If only I could have the body I had then with the knowledge, experience and confidence I have now!” I was an early wake up call, and my instant reaction was: “Well, I’ll be damned if anyone ever catches me ever saying that. Ever thinking it even.”

I thus proceeded to embark on the path of sexual enlightenment in a swift, efficient, and one might say, almost military fashion. The journey was full of adventures and surprises, and as one would expect, mostly enjoyable. And like our new blogger Stan, I wasn’t oblivious to the charms of youth. But better sex (and to be fair, better interaction all-round) was usually to be found with more experienced partners, sometimes men whose kids were older than me. Made perfect sense. Just as much as the other way round makes sense now: it’s all part of passing knowledge on to the next generation.

So for now, I’d like to congratulate Stan for his successful interview, and wish him great sex and great fun with his new boss, her grey hair, and her “warm cloak of confidence.” In the meantime, I will keep on making good use of my own (and now long-acquired) confidence in all the bedrooms in my life.

My First Ever Cub

Well, I’m really excited to have Stan onboard. A young male blogging on here should make for interesting – if sadly virtual – interaction.

As it happens, that interview story of his got me thinking all the way back to my first experience with a younger man. I mentioned in my own opening post that I have bad memories of bedding a seventeen year old when I was in my early twenties. I’m still shuddering. However, he wasn’t my first. In fact, my very, very first sexual encounter was with a younger man in college. I hardly qualified as puma then, let alone a cougar. But still, one doesn’t become the Cougar Queen overnight, and this is proof.

As the French exchange student, I had a reputation to live up to. But the truth is, I was sweet and innocent back then. This resulted in an uncanny role reversal: the younger one was initiating the older one. The boy would give me oral sex right on High School turf, during the bi-weekly theatre rehearsals, which went on for a good few months. The fact that I was white and he was black was just an extra kick, because this happened, of all places, in Arkansas. It was all deliciously dangerous. One of my classmates caught us walking out of our secret closet once, but to her credit, she never told anyone. If she had, I doubt I would have lived to tell this story.

Great memories.  No shuddering. Or maybe yes, actually, a slight shudder. But one of pleasure and longing… as I recall his dark, toned body and his educated tongue educating me.

The Interview

I don’t really think of myself as someone who goes after older women. Though my introduction to the joys of adult loving happened via the older (much older!) stepsister of my best friend in high school, my romantic dalliances have usually been with girls around my own age. But…I don’t know….youth has it charms, but… youth is wasted on the young, you know? I want a certain lack of flightiness, a gravity, yes, a maturity in my relationships.

But still, I have not made it a point to date older women or anything, until…well, it was a job interview a couple of weeks ago. Continue reading The Interview

Sexy Brazilians: out with the old and in with the new

Well hello Cubs, hello Cougars. I’ve just realised how long it’s been since I last wrote – I knew it had been a while – but not quite that much time!

Last time I wrote I was still in Laos, and after two months in Asian Cubland, adapting again to my life in London took some time. You’d have thought that coming home for a Brazilian Christmas Eve party would have been fun. Well it wasn’t. First of all, because their traditional Christmas food is cod, which didn’t cut it for me. But my main problem wasn’t the cod at the dinner table, it was more the lack thereof in the bedroom. Twenty-four year old Eduardo (if you remember him), despite professing that it was alright for me to hunt whilst on holiday, didn’t walk the walk. He was not OK with my Lao affair at all. Continue reading Sexy Brazilians: out with the old and in with the new

Buddhist monks: seducing on the edge.

Taking a break from shagging my new and shiny Lao toy boy, I went for a walk around Vientiane. It’s nice and hot out here – much hotter in fact that I’d like, and that despite the umbrella I’m carrying around in an attempt to shield myself from the scorch.

I’m not the only one carrying such a shading device. Besides young-women-on-motorbikes, there is one other breed of Lao using umbrellas in Vientiane: Buddhist monks. And there are lots of young ones walking around. All of them draped in bright orange, and most of them under black umbrellas. It’s a challenging look, but they make it work. Continue reading Buddhist monks: seducing on the edge.

Baby brothers: the downside

Twenty-one is a bit of a record, even for me. I rarely go below the twenty-five mark. However, despite his very young age, (or possibly because of it?) Phet is a great lover. I’m happy and blessed here: we’re highly compatible and sex is fantastic.

In fact here is something I have noticed before: exotic young men seem to have a better understanding of sex than their Western counterparts. Maybe it’s in their genes, or in the hot climates, but I think it’s more likely down to experience and practice. They seem to be early starters. Continue reading Baby brothers: the downside

Seducing the innocent

As I explained in my last post, flirting with Phet, who’s 21 and speaks no English, is a testing exercise. But so far, so good.

The bus trip to Vang Vieng is going very well I feel. I’m not sat near the boy, he is a couple of rows ahead, across the aisle. I am smiling a flutter of eyelashes at him every time he looks back at me. And he looks back at me regularly. Yep, it’s definitely going very well. Continue reading Seducing the innocent

The silent game: a new challenge

I’ve seduced many a younger brother before, most often those of my friends. I have also seduced my own younger brother’s friends and, on occasion, their younger brothers too. So I guess you could say that I’m a sort of expert at the younger brother thing.

However, seducing Lana’s younger brother Phet is somewhat of a novelty. Firstly, our connection is as little more tortuous, since he is my school friend Lloyd’s Lao wife Lana’s younger brother. Secondly, at 21, he’s the youngest young brother I’ve ever targeted. And thirdly – and here is the real crunch – we cannot communicate through language. Continue reading The silent game: a new challenge

Hunting holidays for Cougars: the importance of being farang

I said earlier that my friend Lloyd was married to a Lao girl. I need to rephrase this: he is married to a Lao woman, not a girl. Her name is Lana and she’s roughly my age. Lloyd is quite a few years younger than both of us. I tried to assess if this was unusual for Laos, and it is a bit. As in Thailand, there is a fair share of foreign older men here marrying local young women.

But despite strict laws surrounding sex and marriage, the actual culture seems pretty practical and down to earth. Continue reading Hunting holidays for Cougars: the importance of being farang

Yes, there’s a life (and a hunting holiday) after Thailand

If you’ve not heard of Pattaya, here it is in short: this small town in the South of Thailand is where you’ll find the Thai sex industry at its seediest. I only visited during the day, and it all seemed fairly tame, so I’m only reporting second hand info here.  But apparently, Phuket’s gogo bars are a family-friendly when compared to Pattaya’s. Continue reading Yes, there’s a life (and a hunting holiday) after Thailand